Project REAL is a non-profit residential program that has been proudly serving the mental health community in Nassau County since 1979.

Dissatisfied by state run institutions and the constant back and forth from local psychiatric hospitals, a group of concerned parents recognized a need for a way to improve the lives of their mentally ill children. After collaborating with professionals from the Nassau County Medical Center, this determined group of individuals opened the doors to their first Project REAL supervised apartment program. This launched an entire new way of life for people with mental illness.

Project REAL currently serves a wealth of residents at their two supervised group homes and multiple apartment programs. Our teams of professionals treat each resident as unique individuals and partner with them to determine specific goals, tailored to their needs. We pride ourselves on transforming mental health care by offering a wealth of services and expanding the realm of possibilities for people who were once accustomed to the confines of a hospital room.

We firmly believe that if someone has the desire to enrich and improve his or her life, then anything is possible.
— Project REAL